Rugby Montessori Nursery School
A warm, caring environment in a beautiful setting For children from 6 months to 5 years

We have signed up for the early years code of practice for healthy food and drink.



MONDAY ~ Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread
~ Stewed apple and custard
TUESDAY ~ Bacon chop, peas, sweet corn and hash browns
~ Chocolate sponge with vanilla sauce
WEDNESDAY ~ Roast chicken, vegetables and roast potatoes
~ Yoghurt
THURSDAY ~ Steak pie, vegetables and parsley potatoes
~ Flapjack and custard
FRIDAY ~ Fajitas, salad and jacket wedges
~ Chocolate doughnuts


MONDAY ~ Cream cheese & cucumber wholemeal sandwiches. Carrot sticks & apple
~ Yoghurt
TUESDAY ~ Carrots, cucumber & tomatoes. Humous. Wholemeal pittas
~ Rice pudding
WEDNESDAY ~ Tomato & cheese/or tuna wholemeal pasta
~ Jelly with peaches
THURSDAY ~ Baked beans, wholemeal toast & marmite. Potato cakes
~ Raisins & sliced banana
FRIDAY ~ Cheese cubes & cucumber slices. Crumpets. Tomato soup
~ Fruit salad


MONDAY ~ Wholemeal toast. Banana slices or
~ Buttered scotch pancakes
TUESDAY ~ Multi-grain cereal and milk or
~ Wholemeal toast
WEDNESDAY ~ Warm naan bread. Carrot sticks or
~ Crackers with butter
THURSDAY ~ Crackers with butter. Grapes or
~ Multi-grain cereal and milk
FRIDAY ~ Wholemeal toast with cheese spread or
~ Toasted crumpets with butter

Foog Hygiene Rating    
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